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ProGear Fitness Was Sold

After months of almost zero operations and sales till the end of February 2020, ProGear Fitness owners advertise the company for sale and with great relieved ProGear Fitness was sold not by n person but by a company investment group.

We are proud to announce that MARJ Capital Group holding 51% share in ProGear Fitness (Pty) Ltd will be the new owners and with Jannie Hefer holding 30% share in the company and remaining share will belong to the company founder Johan Du Toit, ProGear Fitness vision has new hope, with that said new staff will be hired at this moment to run the supplements company. With MARJ Capital Group we can expect major growth in the next year or two and with the plans they have for the company big things are coming to the industry.

What to expect next:

Due to the COVID-19 Worldwide pandemic, we at MARJ Capital Group plan this into our main objectives for ProGear Fitness for this year till the national lockdown is completed.

From 7 June 2020 ProGear Fitness will be relaunching a brand new website, updated social media and also a new brand awareness campaign to change the way you think nutrition supplements and to announce our comeback into the market in South Africa.

We have already begun with the preparations for the COVID-19 pandemic for all our staff and to ensure that orders are handled with care.

Our courier companies are following the rules and regulations put out by the government, applying alcohol-based sanitiser to their hands before and after every collection and delivery.

Our future plans:

ProGear Fitness Supplement (Pty) Ltd and MARJ Capital Group (Pty) Ltd managing teams are hard at work for the next few months to plan the 2, 5 and 10-year plan for ProGear Fitness and also the expansion and development of the company. This news will be announced as soon as the plans are 100% in place.

We would like to thank you, our customers for their endless support and advice we have received from day 1 we opened in 2017. We have lost trust in some of our customers but we can ensure big changes are coming and happening soon.